9 Pro Tips: Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents in 2015

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Are you a real estate agent looking for marketing ideas in 2015?

My primary piece of advice is that you need to put your customers’ needs first. While all forms of marketing should encourage your audience to eventually do business with you, your approach needs to be subtle and less self-serving. In 2015, your marketing strategy should focus on humanizing your business and automating things when you can.

Updated List for 2016

10 Fully-Baked Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents in 2016

I recently put together an infographic that outlines how agents spend their marketing dollars and compared it to where they’re getting their leads from. As I researched this topic, two things became very apparent:

  1. 75 percent of a real estate agent’s business comes referrals and word of mouth.
  2. But agents are still spending way too much money on new lead sources, rather than investing in their existing clients.

Simply put, if most of your business is coming from your past clients and it costs you six to seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one, then you should focus your efforts on marketing to your past clients.

The post I wrote last year titled “7 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents in 2014” quickly became the most viewed post on our site (over 20,000 unique viewers). So for 2015, I came up with 10 marketing ideas that agents can use to really help grow their businesses.

1) Be Mobile and Responsive

In 2014, I stressed that going mobile was important in terms of you posting to your social networks while on the go. This is still true today, but this year, I want to stress the importance of being mobile accessible.

You cannot avoid it anymore. Your website and emails need to be designed for all devices and screen sizes and be responsive. Sixty-six percent of emails are opened on a phone or tablet. Facebook has more than 650 million daily active users on mobile devices. And mobile traffic to websites now accounts for almost 30 percent of visits. In short, there are plenty of reasons why you need to be sure that your business is mobile ready.

How It Helps: Being mobile-friendly ensures whoever reads your emails or visits your website has a good experience and that this experience creates a positive perception of your business.

2) Use GIFs in Email

You’ve all seen GIFs before; they’re those soundless graphics that automatically play on a loop. They’re great for getting a quick laugh, but these days, they’re more often used to caption a situation and convey human emotion without using words. For example…if it’s Monday morning, and I’m having a tough time getting motivated, I might text or email this GIF to my friends:

Marketing ideas - GIF use in email

Did you know that you can use GIFs in email too? Our friends at Litmus have put together an awesome guide to using GIFs in emails. While you shouldn’t use them in everything you send, they do add a comical element you just can’t get from static images.

Even though GIFs have been around since the late ‘80s, they’ve had a resurgence in popularity. GIFs are a fun way to help show off the human side of your business.

How It Helps: GIFs can be used to give your business a touch of character and personality, and they may actually increase your click rate.

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3) Automate Your Content Marketing and Sourcing

When crafting the perfect email newsletter and sharing content with your social networks, coming up with topics to write about and things to share can be challenging. You want to send your email subscribers informative/entertaining content with the purpose of helping them, not selling to them, and you want your social feeds to be filled with the same. However, getting this accomplished is no small task.

For email newsletter content, there are companies like Scripted and Contently that will connect you with freelance writers to do the writing for you. However, if you want to have the emails written, designed and sent for you automatically, we’re the only company that can do that for you.

To find content to share on social media, there are two tools I use: Zite and Flipboard. Both are news and blog aggregators that are topic based. Just plug in what you want to read about, and they’ll display an up-to-date visual collection of articles. Buffer has a great list of newsletters to sign up for and tools to use for content sourcing too.

How It Helps: Automating some (or all) of your content marketing and sourcing can help free up your time to focus on more important things.

4) Experiment with Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is a new app that Instagram launched this year. Using time-lapse photography technology and impressive image stabilization software, it essentially puts a few thousand dollars worth of video editing software and expertise in a single app on your phone…for free.

Hyperlapse’s biggest claim to fame is the image stabilization power it has. Take a look at this quick video that shows the difference:

I see Hyperlapse as a unique way for agents to liven up the content they share to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and also as a way to (almost) literally liven up their listings.

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You can use Hyperlapse for quick home walk-throughs to show off a lot of space in a short amount of time. Maybe use it to do a quick drive through the neighborhood, giving your listing’s viewers an even more in-depth view of the area. Or my personal favorite, if a house you’re selling has a killer sunset or sunrise, take 10 minutes to film it and include it as part of the listing. Here is an example of what this could look like:

How It Helps: Hyperlapse gives your business and listings a little flair and edge that not everyone else is offering…yet.

5) Avoid Zillow/Trulia

Zillow’s acquisition of Trulia aside, paying for leads from these websites is expensive and not that effective. On average, agents spend $320 per month on leads from Zillow, and it’s estimated that leads from these websites convert to new business only one to four percent of the time. Not the greatest use of your marketing dollars.

Zillow and Trulia provide a service that many casual home shoppers want: a consolidated list of available homes for sale in a centralized location. However, most agents (with good reason) don’t like the idea of their listings being submitted to these services only to then have to pay to be featured as the listing agent. There are some multiple listing services that are now sendinglimited data to these services to attempt to remedy this problem for their agents too.

How It Helps: Spending your money on new leads isn’t as cost-effective as investing in your referral business through your existing clients.

6) Boost Your Facebook Posts

Facebook has made a lot of changes this past year and the big one was the reduction of organic posts from business pages in the News Feed. (I’ve written about why this isn’t a bad thing for businesses here.) The upside is that they’ve made it very easy to spend a little bit of money to get guaranteed exposure.

A few times each month, go to your Facebook Business Page and find a blog post you’ve written, a video you’ve posted or something that is worth making sure plenty of people read or see. For example, our real estate customers might boost their posts that link to their email newsletters. All you have to do is click “Boost Post” and enter your parameters. That’s it!

Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents in 2015 - Boost Facebook Posts

Start experimenting with $5-$10 boosted posts to your existing Facebook fans. This is a low-cost way to get high traffic from your posts.

How It Helps: When people like or click boosted posts, it tells Facebook that they’re interested in your brand and posts from your company will appear more often in their News Feed.

7) Utilize Browser Plugins

There are some awesome plugins out there that you can use for your business to help automate some of your marketing activities. I touched a little bit on this in my post last year, but I cannot stress enough just how much time these little tools can save.

Being on the go a lot, real estate agents can really benefit from using browser plugins to help automate some of their social media. To save you time when looking for things to post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, here’s what I would do.

Use apps on your phone or tablet like Zite and Flipboard. When you find an article you like, save it to Pocket. From your computer browser, you can open all the posts you bookmarked and then schedule them through Buffer. In less than 10 minutes, you can have a week’s worth of social media posts scheduled and ready to go!

How It Helps: Being able to find content while playing on your phone/tablet at night or on the go and then having it ready to post from your desktop browser is a huge time saver.

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8) Revamp Your Email Strategy

In my post last year, I mentioned that you should stay in touch with your past clients through email. This has not changed a bit and should be a foundational element of your marketing strategy.

You need to make sure that the content that you’re sending is both personal and something that the recipient wants to read. Good content marketing is meant to help, not sell to, your clients. Send consistently timed emails with compelling content to your audience to brand you as an industry expert and increase your sphere of influence.

Earlier this year, I wrote two posts that are worth checking out to help you fully understand how email marketing working and how to make the most of it:

How It Helps: Email is the best way to stay in front of your past clients and is a smart investment because they’re your best source for new business leads.

9) Grow Your Email List

Sending emails to your past clients is a must. But you can also use those same email newsletters to keep your name in front of potential clients as well. That’s why you should always try to snag email addresses in any situation.

The easiest way is to have your lead capture form front and center on your website. Here’s an example from sites we create for our real estate clients:

Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents in 2015

We’ve covered a wide range of ideas on how to grow your email list before. The two big takeaways are: never be afraid to ask for an email address and always work on growing your list, no matter the situation.

How It Helps: You never know where your next sale will come from, but if you’re continually in front of a large audience, your chances of landing a new client are much greater.


Your time is valuable and limited; embrace marketing automation tools that help offset the amount of work that you have to do. As you make your 2015 plans, remember these three important things.

  • Your marketing needs to be less about you and more about your clients.
  • You need to humanize your brand and make it accessible through mobile.
  • And whenever possible, look to marketing automation as a way to help save you time while increasing the effectiveness of your efforts.


5 Tips For More Innovative Online Real Estate Marketing


Woman with laptop.Let’s face it, these days both buyers and sellers start their real estate journeys online.

Whether it’s searching for listings or answers to real estate related questions, people head to the internet first and to an agent second.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to integrate digital marketing into your real estate business in order make sure it’s your website and your listings people are finding online.

Here are a five ways you can start improving your real estate marketing to get more clients.

1. Social Media: Don’t be A Digital Sharecropper

Everyone knows Twitter and Facebook offer great opportunities for interaction and promotion. But your online marketing strategy shouldn’t rely solely on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

You also need to make sure you develop an online asset that you own and control. Am I saying don’t invest time cultivating relationships on Twitter and Facebook? No. Just treat them as outposts that play a supporting role in gently pointing people back to your website where you can start a deeper relationship with the content you deliver there (which we we’ll talk about in a second).

But promoting your own content should only make up a very small portion of your activity on social networks. And you don’t need to tweet about real estate all time either, because lets face it, most people care about real estate only when they’re thinking about buying or selling.

Instead use your social media accounts to curate and link to valuable information, deals and resources for your city or neighborhood, real estate related or not. That gives people a reason to follow you even when they don’t need your services at the moment. Plus, you create goodwill and come across as a local authority.

2. Turn Your Website into a Content Marketing Hub

When people go online for real estate related content they want valuable information and answers to their questions – not immediate sales pitches. And that’s what content marketing is all about. It’s about freely sharing tutorial-style information that’s worthwhile on it’s own and lacks a sales pitch, in order to sell something related later.

The benefit to you is that creating valuable content demonstrates your abilities and sells your services in an under the radar way. Not to mention helping you rank in search engines.

It also happens to be the smartest strategy for becoming a ‘likeable authority’ in the eyes of your prospective clients and industry colleagues.

In other words, when it comes to marketing yourself online, your content is your advertising. It’s the attraction strategy for the part of your business that makes you money (helping people buy and sell properties).

And I’m not talking about posting the canned articles your brokerage sends you. That’s not compelling, that’s boring.

Compelling content is the result of combining valuable information with your own take and personality.


So what tools does a smart content marketing strategy require? Well for starters you need a blog (even if you don’t call it a blog) so you can start delivering regular content in an organized way.

I recommend WordPress because once your web designer gets you up and running, adding and editing content is as easy as using Microsoft Word. Plus it can power your entire website allowing you to have a static homepage and have your blog in another area of your site.

Another important tool is email marketing software from a company like Aweber or Mailchimp. One of the main goals of content marketing is to get email opt-ins so you can follow up with people over time. These services make it easy for you to create email lists and place sign up forms on your website so people can join your list.


For buyers, a portfolio of well priced listings in popular neighbourhoods is a good start. Listings are natural lead generating assets but it’s important to start thinking of each one as an opportunity to post a valuable piece of free content to your blog. Don’t just link to MLS, put all the pictures and descriptions on your own website as well.

But when it come to content marketing and real estate, you need to go beyond just your listings.


First, it’s a good idea to put together some compelling cornerstone content for buyers and sellers on your website. Get the basic homebuying and selling 101 covered with a resourcethat you created and that’s interesting to read (or watch).

Create area guides for people looking to relocate like “The Top 10 Things to Consider When Moving to Toronto”. Create a free report for sellers detailing what homes in the area have been selling for in the last six months.

Carry a Flip Video Camera on you at all times and record short video tips based on the situations and questions you encounter throughout the day. Take every specific question a client asks you, generalize the answer, and turn it into a blog post for your larger audience. Notice a misstep at another open house? Warn your prospective sellers against it on your blog. The content opportunities are endless.

Own the search results for a neighbourhood by creating content about it.

Be the hyper-local online newspaper. Realize that you’re in the media business and become the “beat reporter” for your area making your website the place where all the info resides. New restaurant opening? Post about on your blog.

Be the go-to curator of resources for residents in your area. Find out what municipal services people frequently contact City Hall about and create links and guides for them on your site. Tell people about a great Groupon deal a local business is having.

Is everyone you attract with this content also going to need a realtor? No, but you will create exposure, goodwill and authority for yourself which will lead to more clients down the road when these people do need an agent and remember you.

The challenge is finding the time to do it. If you’re tight for time, I suggest getting comfortable in front of the camera and going the video route. It’s what Ian Watt does and he’s ranked in the top 1% of members in the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. You can record short clips and quickly upload them to YouTube and your blog (or hire an assistant to do it for you). Aim for one piece of content a week if you’re just starting out.

3. Incorporate Content Marketing Into Your Offline Advertising

Is your current offline advertising trying to consummate the marriage without having a first date? Most real estate advertising I see tries to skip the courtship phase and go straight to the honeymoon with a headshot and a phone number – and it just doesn’t work that way.

Instead, you need to either incorporate valuable content into your advertising, or advertise your content itself. That could mean a print ad that outlines the top five open house pitfalls sellers make that also positions you as a knowledgable and trusted expert and therefore a smart choice to represent the prospect.

Or it could be a bus stop ad or postcard promoting a free ‘sold prices’ report for home sellers. In the ad you would advertise a link to a landing page on your website where people can enter their email and download the report.

The advantage to this approach is that you get to start a one to one relationship. And from a ROI and measurement standpoint you can track the success of the campaign by how many people visit the page, and how many people opt-in. This allows you to test and tweak different headlines and calls to action to make your ad more effective over time.

Here’s a postcard I got in the mail from Sage Real Estate in Toronto that does a pretty good job with this approach:

Sage Real Estate Postcard

Notice they’re advertising content (a report detailing February 2011 Sold Prices), not they’re services or agents. When you go to the URL on the postcard you hit their landing page with their email opt-in form. You get your report and they get permission to follow up with you and deliver future content in the hopes that when you’re ready to sell, you’ll think of them.

If you were going to model this campaign I would try adjusting the headline to say “FREE February 2011 Sold Prices Report. Go to yourwebsite.com to download it now.” Ideally you would want to split test a couple different headlines and calls to action on the postcard and landing page.

4. Open House Opt-Ins

Your showings are fantastic opportunities to create one to one relationships with new prospects and clients if you approach them with a permission marketing mindset.

And that doesn’t mean pulling out the clipboard and making people “sign in”. When you do that people know you just want their contact information for your own agenda and there’s no value in it for them. It’s pushy and it can turn people off.

In fact, I’ve written down fake information every time I’ve been made to sign in at an open house. You might think that’s rude but it’s the reality that exists so you need to accept it and find a better way to do things before your competition does.

Instead, try using your open house as an opportunity to offer an ‘ethical bribe’ in exchange for people’s email addresses. In other words, offer them something valuable so they want to give you permission to contact them.

You could have a laptop or an iPad on the table with a sign next to it that says, “Thanks for visiting 123 Main Street. Enter your name and email to get additional photos and the full feature sheet from this listing sent straight to your inbox. As a bonus, you’ll also get a comprehensive list of amenities in the area and a reminder when we are accepting offers.”

You’re still asking for people to part with some information but now you’re offering something of value in return. That’s a lot more compelling than saying “Hi, please sign in in the kitchen”. Try and keep the contact information you request to just name and email. The less you ask for, the more sign-ups you’ll get.

Mailchimp has a great service for laptops and the iPad designed to specifically accommodate in-person email sign ups. Check out the iPad app:

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hcEtgdTNGgI%5D

And if you really want to impress your visitors, you can use Mailchimp’s autoresponder featureto have your pictures and information ready in an email ahead of time so people get the info while they are still at your open house.

5. Become your own Groupon

Groupon has exploded in popularity in the last year. Even though they’re a huge site, their underlying business model is actually quite simple and old school. All they do combine email marketing with scarcity.

Scarcity is the sales tactic at play when they offer a limited deal to the first x number of people who sign up. It works because limiting something is one of the most powerful psychological sales tactics you can employ. It’s the fear of missing out that gets people to take action.

So how do you become your own Groupon?

Once a year you can announce to your email list that you’re running a promotion for a short period of time offering to cut your commission for home sellers who list with you. The idea being that the money you loose cutting your commission is made up by signing up more new clients than you otherwise would have, and hopefully increasing your word of mouth in the process.

I hope these strategies give you some ideas about how you can start integrating online marketing more deeply into your real estate business.

Are you a realtor who has creatively integrated digital marketing into your business? Share your experiences in the comments

Real Estate Marketing Ideas that Every Realtor Uses

Real Estate Marketing Ideas that Every Realtor Uses

Many Realtors, like most companies, continue to market their businesses the same way that they have been for a long time. Possibly worse, many Realtors just market their business and their clients’ listings the same ways that their competitors do – and expect different or better results.

If you’re guilty of either of these, then we’re willing to bet your marketing strategy goes a little something like this…

  1. Put properties on the MLS
  2. Buy ad spots in magazines and newspapers
  3. Spend weekends holding open houses
  4. Call brokers and past clients for referrals
  5. Spam purchased email lists
  6. Add properties to website(s) and social media channels

Now, don’t get us wrong here. Some of these tactics are still necessary, but if they aren’t coupled with creative, effective twists, then why would a seller ever want to list with you or a buyer ever want to work with you?

Stop relying on the same tired marketing strategies as everyone else. Take some time to know your business so that you can then market it creatively and effectively.

We’re even going to give you some unique ideas that you’re most likely not using yet so you have no excuse to keep using the same ineffective, status quo marketing strategies.

Creative Ideas to Market a Listing Online

There are two primary things you are responsible for marketing…(1) your clients’ listings and (2) yourself.

A great agent needs to be able to do both and do them exceptionally well. Any type of mediocrity or lack of results will make it far too easy for buyers, sellers, renters and investors to simply move on to another agent.

Since properties are what give you a career we’re going to focus on sharing some unique real estate marketing strategies to effectively promote and sell a listing.

These “outside of the box” ideas may be what you need to move that stubborn listing and make your business a lead magnet for new sellers.

DISCLAIMER: We are simply providing creative alternatives – as ideas – to market a listing. In no way are we confirming that these ideas are 100% approved for your area. It’s important that you consult a lawyer on any of the ideas we recommend below before you move forward with them.

Idea #1: Let Them Try Before They Buy
Let the try before they buy using Airbnb

Does anyone else find it strange that the largest financial transaction we make in our lives is often times done blindly?

What we mean by that is this…

Before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a car, thousands of dollars on home appliances or hundreds of dollars on electronics you have the opportunity to try them first. You can touch and feel them. Play with them. And visualize them in your home or in your hands.

Why is this not entirely possible with something we’re going to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on?

Yes, you can attend open houses, walk through a home (usually as much as you’d like), take pictures, etc. None of this really provides the full experience of actually living in the home though.

So here’s the idea…

Use a service like Airbnb to let prospective, qualified buyers stay in the home for a couple nights.

How would this work? 

Logistically, the current home owner would need to make the home available through their own Airbnb account, but this is certainly something you could help them do or have someone do for them. It’s as simple as adding a listing to a real estate portal – even easier in most cases.

Why would this be effective? 

Buying a home is largely an emotional decision. What better way to tap into someone’s emotions than to let them physically experience and envision what their life would be like with them in the home before they buy it? This would also be a great way to prevent buyers from wasting your time as this will weed out anyone not seriously interested in living there.

What is the marketing angle?

This type of offer / opportunity will really market itself – at least until everyone starts doing it. Not only does this show that you’re a cutting-edge agent staying at the forefront of leveraging new technology, but it proves that you and your seller care more about just getting the most money for their home. It shows that you / they want to find the perfect person or family for their home.


Idea #2: Have the Neighborhood Sell the Home

Let the Neighborhood Sell the Home

How often does a client really get to immerse themselves in a new area before moving in?

Sometimes the amenities and attributes of an area can sell a home better than anything else. The problem is that most buyers that aren’t already familiar with a neighborhood can have a difficult time picturing what their life would be like in this new place.

Similar to our first idea above, leveraging new technologies allows you to offer a truly unique and immersive service for serious buyers. And the best part for you is that you can quickly set yourself apart from other agents by using this idea before they do.

So here’s the idea…

Use services like Uber and OpenTable to give prospective, qualified buyers an unforgettable experience in their soon-to-be new neighborhood of residence.

How would this work? 

Thanks to the simplicity of the services recommended this is actually much simpler than using Airbnb as recommended in our first idea. All you would need to do is to use the OpenTable app or website to book a lunch and/or dinner for your buyers. And thanks to Uber’s open API  you can actually order an Uber right from your reservation. The driver will already know where to pick up and drop off your clients.

Why would this be effective? 

Very few buyers, specifically ones moving from out of town, take the time to explore an area as if they lived there already before purchasing or renting their new home. There’s no better way to do just that than by going out for a nice dinner without having to worry about driving around only to get frustrated from getting lost because they don’t know the area. The car ride also allows them to notice parts of the area that they wouldn’t otherwise recognize from driving around themselves.

What is the marketing angle?

Similar to our Airbnb idea, utilizing new technology like this not only shows that you know how to leverage technology to help your clients, but it also shows your seller that you’re willing to go outside of the box to sell their home. In addition, it shows your buyers that you care more about them finding the right neighborhood, not just the right home.


Idea #3: Make Them Feel Like a Part of the Community Already

Make Them Feel Like a Part of the Community Already

Is there anyone better at selling a community than the people who live in it already and love it?

One of the emotional barriers of buying a new home is the worry of feeling accepted and welcomed in a new community.

An effective way to help prospective home buyers feel like they can seamlessly become part of their new community / neighborhood is to facilitate as many introductions to future neighbors as possible.

So here’s the idea…

Host a neighborhood Meetup in the property you’re listing that allows current community members to share their suggestions to improve the neighborhood.

How would this work? 

Assuming that you’re not already leveraging an online group (e.g. Facebook Groups, Google+ Communities or LinkedIn Groups), then you’re going to use one of our favorite tools for many different purposes – Meetup. Once you’ve joined the site, then all you need to do is create your “meetup”, invite people and then make sure that neighbors and prominent community members are notified as well. If you fail to lock in at least 10 people for the event, then you can resort to a simple email thread asking current neighbors for improvement recommendations – of course, making sure that your prospective home buyer(s) are included in the discussion.

Why would this be effective? 

Even with all of the different ways to meet and connect with people now it has seemingly become more difficult for some people to establish new relationships, especially when relocating to an unfamiliar place. Not only does a hosted Meetup allow your buyer(s) to quickly get to know their potential neighbors, but it also allows them to gain an innate knowledge of the highlights of the neighborhood and the people in it. These things could sell the home for you.

What is the marketing angle?

Since we’ve already established that an effective marketing angle here is your ability to show your technical prowess let’s focus on one other primary angle / benefit here. Since there’s always the chance of even the most qualified buyer not going through with a purchase you want to make sure that you always have a good network of prospective clients in your pocket. By holding a Meetup in one of your listings, not only will you be able to show off how you represent a listing, but you may also generate some referrals from attendees. Who knows, one of the neighbors may have been waiting for this home to come on the market to move and they could be your buyer.


Idea #4: Give Them a Different Perspective

Give Them a Different Perspective

Have you ever felt like your verbal explanation came up short in showcasing a property to a remote buyer?

Even the most seasoned and experienced agents can undersell a property when they’re forced to simply use words.

Hands down, the best way to showcase a property is with high quality photos and videos. No secret there. To take these effective mediums to the next level though requires some creativity and help from some new technology.

So here’s the idea…

Use Gofor to provide drone footage of your listing and the surrounding area.

How would this work? 

Technically, at the time of this post, on-demand drone technology like Gofor is not widespread yet. However, assuming it will be soon the logistics are actually quite simple. Either have your client create their Gofor account or use your own to task a drone for aerial footage of your listing as well as the surrounding neighborhood. The simple alternative would be to hire an experienced drone videographer.

Why would this be effective? 

Think of drones like mini-helicopters – they can provide vantage points and footage that few other video or photo technologies can match. These unique, breathtaking shots can give buyers a real experience of a property and its surroundings without having to actually be there. At the end of the day, a high quality drone video of a property would impress your remote buyers better than your shaky iPad video or boring photo slideshow.

What is the marketing angle?

There are few, if any agents, using drones properly to market their listings – especially not like this. As drones become more popular, and allowed in more places, you will start to see more drone footage. If you’re one of the first to really use drones effectively in your marketing, then you can quickly set yourself apart from every other Realtor in your area.


Idea #5: Maximize the Opportunity

Maximize the Opportunity

Have you ever wasted an entire weekend holding an open house only to have a poor turnout?

No matter how good your marketing is, this has probably happened to you at least a few times in your real estate career. And even if it hasn’t then we would bet that holding open houses is one of your least favorite things to do as a Realtor.

Fortunately, there are some creative ways to maximize the available listing that can generate revenue, buzz and more importantly interested prospects.

So here’s the idea…

Use services like EventUp and StoreFront to fill the listing with prospective buyers – or people who can refer buyers.

How would this work? 

People are always looking for space to hold events and even to sell their items via trendy pop-up shops. There are few open locations that meet the space demands of these people better than residential listings for sale or lease. Through these services you would list the property, set a price, set your guidelines and then let people inquire about the space for their event or pop-up shop. You can filter through the leads to handpick the ones that you think will bring the most buzz and prospects to your listing.

Why would this be effective? 

Outside of the secondary advantage of being able to actually generate revenue from renting the space out, you are essentially letting the person or business renting your listing to do the marketing for you. It’s in their best interest to fill the event and all of these attendees now become possible prospects and word of mouth marketers for your available listing.

What is the marketing angle?

Simple – someone else is bringing people to the listing for you. Your main task, once the space is rented out, is to make sure every person attending that event gets some type of information and takeaway about the property. Not only will you probably get some good PR, but the word of mouth marketing this can generate will amplify your prospect database and heighten your reputation as a creative listing agent.

What Are You Doing Differently?

Think Different for Better Real Estate Marketing Results

Hopefully the ideas above sparked some creativity and forced you out of your comfort zone when it comes to marketing a new listing.

We know that only a small percentage of you will actually change how you do things by trying one of our ideas. For those that do, we would love to hear your experience on how things went – good or bad. If your story is compelling enough we’ll even do a follow up feature on this post highlighting you and your real estate business.

We challenge you to take some risks and do something different.

Are you up for the challenge?

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Real Estate Marketing Ideas that Every Realtor Uses

Many Realtors, like most companies, continue to market their businesses the same way that they have been for a long time. Possibly worse, many Realtors just market their business and their clients’ listings the same ways that their competitors do – and expect different or better results.

If you’re guilty of either of these, then we’re willing to bet your marketing strategy goes a little something like this…

  1. Put properties on the MLS
  2. Buy ad spots in magazines and newspapers
  3. Spend weekends holding open houses
  4. Call brokers and past clients for referrals
  5. Spam purchased email lists
  6. Add properties to website(s) and social media channels

Now, don’t get us wrong here. Some of these tactics are still necessary, but if they aren’t coupled with creative, effective twists, then why would a seller ever want to list with you or a buyer ever want to work with you?

Stop relying on the same tired marketing strategies as everyone else. Take some time to know your business so that you can then market it creatively and effectively.

We’re even going to give you some unique ideas that you’re most likely not using yet so you have no excuse to keep using the same ineffective, status quo marketing strategies.

75 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Real estate marketing is a tricky business, right? It’s hard enough helping clients buy and sell homes, never mind acting as your own advertising agency. And there’s always something to update and something new to try.

If you’re looking for real estate marketing tips that will make your job easier, we’ve got you covered! This helpful list includes 75 of our best marketing ideas for real estate lead generation.

Whether you want to do more email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing or something completely different, there’s sure to be at least one strategy here that will help you broaden your reach and increase your exposure. Just click the links to get more detailed instructions!

Email Marketing

  1. Learn how to write email subject lines that get opened. A great subject line will get more clients and prospects to actually read your emails, instead of deleting them with the rest of the junk.
  2. Looking to get in touch with prospects and referral sources? There are many different kinds of client interactions, but these email scripts are a great starting point and can be modified to fit your specific needs.
  3. Set up drip email campaigns to incubate leads. Drip email campaigns increase the odds of turning a prospect into a client by automating branded emails and generating return visits to your website.
  4. Create email newsletters that build your brand, establish you as an authority and keep you on top of your marketing game. Good headlines, powerful images and the right content can help you engage potential clients.

Listing Marketing

  1. Create listing descriptions that sell using the right words to entice clients and quickly sell properties. Our easy writing tips and examples will help you use the right words to lure buyers and push your listings to the top of any “must see” list.
  2. Brand names and buzzwords like “stainless steel appliances” and “hardwood floors” generate interest and increase sales. Use popular keywords in your listing descriptions to appeal to more buyers.
  3. Concise comments, detailed descriptions and beautiful photos make a powerful impression, so make your words count and your images shine. To ensure that every property has the maximum impact, employ these 3 best practices for listing real estate online.
  4. Convince sellers that you’re the real estate agent that will sell their home the fastest and for the highest price with these 8 listing presentation tips. The right preparation and presentation demonstrates to prospective clients that you have the skills and experience to meet all their needs.
  5. Print and classified ads help you reach an interested and targeted audience, so make the most of your listing by including these four essential ingredients. Use these 4 tips to create great real estate ads for print and classified advertising.
  6. Don’t waste your time with a property that is not ready for the market. Realistically priced properties that show well sell quickly, and successful agents understand that sellers may need help preparing their home before the initial listing. Learn how to help sellersprepare for marketing their home to its best advantage.

Seasonal Marketing

  1. No matter what your budget or schedule, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your gratitude and appreciation to the clients, coworkers, and business colleagues who’ve helped your real estate business thrive. There are plenty of easy and inexpensive options, so why not spread the love this Valentine’s Day?
  2. Spring starts with an influx of listings, so make yours stand out with savvy online marketing and these three essential ingredients. Teach sellers 3 ways to help listings sell more quickly in the spring.
  3. Hop to it – link up with more clients this spring! Whether its egg hunts, Easter baskets or egg coloring contests, the Easter holiday provides entertaining ways to connect with current and potential clients. Try your hand at these new Easter marketing ideas for real estate, and watch your business flourish.
  4. Summer is a great time to reconnect with past clients, increase referrals and meet new customers with entertaining newsletters, fun outdoor activities and other summer-themed promotions and events. Why not heat things up with 3 summer real estate marketing ideas?
  5. Seize the opportunity to refresh and expand your real estate business during the fall by hosting back-to-school events and promotions. Leverage back-to-school marketing to meet new clients and reconnect with referral sources.
  6. Balance professionalism and coziness with tasteful home staging that sells. Embrace the season, but avoid scaring away buyers with strategic Halloween marketing.
  7. Stand out from the competition this autumn. Make your mark before the holidays with these three quick and easy ideas fall marketing ideas that will delight and intrigue new and potential clients.
  8. It’s always tough to balance holiday cheer and professional staging, but with a little pre-planning, you can navigate that gray area between “too much” and “just right.” TheseChristmas decorating guidelines will help steer your sellers towards holiday decorations that can delight buyers and boost holiday sales.
  9. With fewer listings and motivated buyers, the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to increase business. Attract more buyers during the bustle of the winter season with 3 quick tips for selling during the holidays.
  10. National Kite Flying Day, Star Wars Day, Take a Hike Day…the possibilities are endless! By highlighting nontraditional holidays in your year-round marketing plan, you can expand your business profile and snag potential clients. Find unique marketing opportunities using these nontraditional holidays.

Social Media Marketing

  1. Using the power of social media, you can quickly and easily post a listing perfectly positioned to reach interested buyers and prospects. Discover 12 free and inexpensive ways to market your listings online.
  2. Position yourself as an authority on any channel by writing a killer social media bio. Use these tips to create a social media profile that resonates with colleagues, influencers and prospects.
  3. Transform into a savvy online marketer by using these quick tools and tips to expand your social media footprint. Get more followers on social media to find new online prospects.
  4. Facebook is a solid source for lead generation. Make your Facebook business page stand out from the crowd with these 10 tips.
  5. Many real estate agents successfully use Twitter to promote their own content and connect with prospective clients. Join the fun and learn how to tweet with the best of them using Twitter tips for real estate agents.
  6. Twitter provides the perfect platform to reach thousands of potential clients, and with many different advertising options available, you’re sure to find an advertising strategy that’s right for you. Try your hand at paid advertising on Twitter with help from this quick guide to Twitter advertising.
  7. Facebook ads are a great way to easily target your market and get your content in front of the right audience. Get 5 tips for creating Facebook ads for real estate that attract prospects and convert leads.
  8. LinkedIn is fast becoming a top choice for business-minded social media marketing, already surpassing Facebook and Twitter in business lead generation. Use LinkedIn to expand your network by linking up with peers and influencers.
  9. Social media marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Put social media tips from a successful real estate agent to work for you.
  10. Try using Meerkat to live broadcast your new listings and market updates. By combining live streaming with Twitter’s broadcast capabilities, Meerkat can help you target a wide audience of prospective clients.

Telephone Marketing

  1. Good phone etiquette is an important part of forging strong business relationships and building a solid client base. Keep your cool and impress prospects on the phone with key telephone tips for real estate agents.
  2. Texting allows you to quickly and conveniently communicate with clients, but it’s important to make sure all your interactions are professional and effective. Balance competence with convenience using these texting tips to interact with buyers and sellers.
  3. Sometimes, an email address is all you need to send a text message. Find out how touse your phone to get in touch with website leads without having their phone numbers.

Video Marketing

  1. Create stunning videos that will attract potential buyers. Check out 7 ways to market your listings with DIY video tours.
  2. Grab the attention of potential prospects and promote your business with video listingsand testimonials. Market yourself and your services using video tips from the experts.
  3. Including videos as part of your social media marketing strategy builds community and creates relationships with potential clients. Share real estate videos on Facebook usingthese strategies for an even wider reach.

Website Tips

  1. Position your website for success by making sure everyone knows about it. With these15 free (or nearly free) places to advertise your website, you can promote your business and connect with prospects around the clock.
  2. Let your potential clients know you enjoy working as a real estate agent in your community and are good at what you do. Write a great ‘About Me’ page that gets online prospects to know, like and trust you before they even meet you.
  3. Showcase a home on its very own website. Drive interest in your listing by creating a single property website to market it—for free!
  4. Your professional website helps you reach out to prospective clients quickly and easily.Explore website examples to make sure you are using your platform in a way that really works for you.


  1. Successful online marketing includes operating a great blog full of compelling content and information that lures in readers. Start a real estate blog to attract traffic and incubate leads.
  2. Creating consistent content is an important part of effective online marketing, but how do you stay inspired while maintaining your blog? Use these 5 topic ideas to write blog posts your audience will read, like and share.
  3. Writers block can happen to anyone. Instead of giving in to frustration and defeat, beat the blogging blues quickly with these tips for overcoming writer’s block.
  4. Used correctly, your blog can be a powerful tool for attracting clients and establishing credibility in your market. Avoid blogging blunders that will scare potential customers away.

Client Appreciation

  1. Memorable but inexpensive pop-by gifts are a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal. Customized gifts and fun freebies can break the ice with prospective clients, maintain your affiliation with past clients and keep you top of mind with referral resources.
  2. Looking for an easy and entertaining way to show appreciation and keep top-of-mind with current and former clients, referral sources and colleagues? Pop-by” gifts deliverwarm-weather fun to make the most of the summer selling season.
  3. Get tongues wagging with unique and entertaining occasions designed to bring folks together and highlight your business’s products and services. Host client appreciation events for your customer base and grow those community connections!
  4. Real estate is a relationship driven industry, and a sincere note of gratitude is a powerful way to initiate a rapport with prospects, and strengthen your bond with past clients and colleagues. Personalized and well-written thank you cards are an excellent way to retain clients and drum up new business.


  1. Listing photos are powerful marketing tools and can be the deciding factor when homebuyers are contemplating the switch from online shopping to in-person viewing. Take better real estate photos that make your listings look great.
  2. Find your listing photo sweet spot. You can save yourself a lot of time and energy, and optimize your listing marketing strategy, with this data on listing photos.
  3. Rotating photos can seem tricky and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure your listings are picture perfect and representative of the quality of your service.
  4. Real estate is a face-to-face business, and the right headshot that’s both professional and personable can make all the difference. Update your agent headshot to reflect your brand, business and personality.
  5. Your face is your brand! Don’t let a bad headshot scare clients away before they even meet you.
  6. Images are a powerful marketing tool both online and in print. Getting the right shot doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Find free, high-quality photos you can use on your website and blog.


  1. In a rut and tired of making the same old prospecting calls? Try these 4 new strategieswhen it’s time to find fresh prospects and kick up sales.
  2. Overwhelmed and feeling tired at just the thought of embarking on another round of real estate prospecting? Reframe and regame your prospecting attitudes and actions byovercoming prospecting-phobia with these six easy “do’s and don’ts”.
  3. It takes more time and money to acquire a new client than keep an old one! Get back in touch with past clients by reaching out in 7 different ways.
  4. Without a lead acquisition system that works for you 24/7, you could end up with dry spots in both income and productivity. Avoid a lead-drought by capturing and incubating more leads from the get-go.
  5. “Prospecting phobia” and avoiding the phone can negatively affect your ability to turn prospects into clients. Improve your phone prospecting skills and develop a formula that gives you the best income for your time.
  6. If you’re in a slump or lacking motivation, it’s time to refresh and re-launch your service strategies and energize your listing acquisitions. Jumpstart your listing inventory withreal differentiation that will impress sellers and increase your listings.
  7. It’s easy to pick up expired listings that other agents couldn’t sell. By asking smart questions and providing clear insights, you invite potential sellers to work with you to market their properties in a way that better aligns with their needs and expectations.
  8. Never underestimate the power of in-person interactions. Try these 3 offline lead generation strategies for real estate agents, and build trust while gaining referrals and growing your business.
  9. Remain “visible” by subtly adding value to homeowners beyond the one-time sale. Team up with other professionals as reciprocal referral sources to provide a helpful resource.
  10. Military families often have specific needs and concerns. Knowing in advance what these families want and need can help you successfully market to military families that are new to the area.


  1. Agent income can vary wildly depending a variety of factors, including hours worked per week, location and expenses. Teach clients how much real estate agents really make so they don’t ask you to reduce your commission.
  2. Did you know that 45% of consumers say a bad website is worse than no website? Make sure your real estate website provides a good user experience with this list of 5 bad ideas and 5 tips to improve your online presence.
  3. During the summer months, the real estate market really heats up! Summer staging can help you capitalize on this trend, so it’s important to show your sellers the financial benefits of summer home staging.

Other Marketing Tips

  1. “Word of mouth” marketing can be a powerful tool. Collect more testimonials from happy customers to use in your marketing, both online and in print.
  2. Technology designed for the real estate industry has made the job of an agent seem deceptively easy, so it’s important to market your worth. Promote the indispensable value of your skills and expertise on your website.
  3. Don’t put your foot in your mouth when talking to prospects. Avoid some common rookie mistakes by rephrasing your conversations with clients in a way that emphasizes your professionalism and engagement.
  4. Sometimes, real estate marketing can take a turn towards the unusual. Unorthodox marketing can help you stand out from the crowd, but that’s not always a good thing. Check out these 5 unusual real estate marketing examples.
  5. Nowadays, a small budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to forgo quality marketing materials. Thanks to Fiver, you can hire professional graphic services without a megawatt budget.
  6. Being “green” covers a large spectrum, from newbie to committed environmentalist. Learn to work with environmentally-conscious buyers interested in eco-friendly properties.
  7. Charity fundraisers are a heartwarming way to build rapport with your community and expand your market. Host a fundraiser to see how philanthropy and community outreach can positively affect your life and your business.
  8. Unseen content is time and energy wasted. See how using content marketing to build your brand can expand your business and generate leads.

Find a lot more marketing tips like this right here on Point2 Agent blog, your source for real estate marketing tips.

We want to know: which marketing idea are you going to try first?



In this article

10 Killer Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Dear Friend,

This week, I’m going to share 10 Killer Real Estate Marketing Ideas with you, to lay the foundation for MarketingMonday.com

I just recorded these 10 ideas as a brand new PodCast available on iTunes.

If you’re aware of what PodCasting is…you can subscribe to this newsletter as a podcast now by going to iTunes and searching “real estate” under PodCasts.

Then each new episode will be automatically delivered to your iTunes library.

It’s amazing technology, and I’m sure I’m going to be talking about this as a marketing tool for YOU at some point in the near future.

So let’s get started!

1. Pick one day each week to work ON your business and your marketing

If you’re going to grow your business, and apply some new marketing strategies, you’re going to need Time to do it.

Dedicated time, where you’re doing nothing but working ON your business.

My recomendation is to set aside one day a week where you block off at least a few hours to work on improving, systemizing and implementing new strategies that can work without you.

Marketing Mondays are a great idea…and this may seem like a simple idea, but if you set aside this time, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll be able to accomplish…and the improvements you’ll be able to make.

2. Focus on one target market at a time

This is a big one. Most people who start thinking about expanding their business start by expanding their territory. Moving out to include the NEXT town over…thinking the grass is always greener …and that if they have a bigger territory, they just need to get a small piece of a bigger pie.

It never works out that way…and it’s a limiting mindset.

This is an almost counter intuitive idea, but if you can focus your attention on a Single target market, a couple of great things start to happen.

first of all, it’s like you’ve got a pause button for your life suddenly.

Things become simpler…slower…crystal clear.

second, it focuses your thinking, and allows you to concentrate on developing marketing systems that will attract a very specific segment of the market.

If you focus on say Nashville Condos…and focus all your attention on developing and implementing marketing systems to find buyers and sellers of Nashville condos, you’ll be amazed at how simple your business becomes.

Now I’m not saying you’ve got to limit yourself to a single target market forever. I’m all for world domination and taking it as big as you want to go…but what I’m suggesting is that you choose a single target market at a time and then move on to Idea #3…which is.

3. Plan to dominate

Planning to DOMINATE is not the same as trying to just get a small piece of a lot of markets.

I want you to start thinking like Proctor and Gamble. You’ve heard of them…they’re that little packaged goods company that makes probably half the products in your kitchen and bathroom.

In your free ebook at NewInformationLetter.com I write a lot more about this concept of dominating a market…but in a nutshell, what you’re looking to do is build such a powerful marketing system for a target market that you DOMINATE the market… getting MOST of the business in that market.

Never go into a market just to get a small piece of it…go into that market with the intention of getting ALL of it.

It’s a powerful intention. you can’t even say the words or think the thought of DOMINATING a market without changing your phisiology.

It’s that focus and attention that’s going to allow you to accomplish big things.

4. Quit cold prospecting and focus on getting prospects to call you.

If you’re going to really grow your business and reach your true potential, you’ve got to stop cold prospecting. I mean it… You’ve got to stop.

I’ll show you exactly how to do this. It’s important you start thinking in a more leveraged way.

Cold prospecting is an inneficient and limiting way to get business.

It’s like being on a hamster wheel that only spins when you’re on the wheel running. As soon as you step off the wheel…it stops spinning, and that’s what leads to all the cycles in your income.

When you’re not busy working with clients…you’ve got time to prospect, and when it works…you’re busy working with clients and don’t have time to prospect, so you end up living in those cycles, and it’s frustrating.

I want you to start thinking about building FLYWHEELS that take just a little bit of effort to get started…but you can step away from them and they keep on spinning even when you’re not there.

I’ll show you lots of strategies to do this…including using Free Recorded Messages to get prospects calling YOU instead of you calling them.

Once you set up your FIRST system that works without you…you’ll be amazed at the sense of freedom it gives you.

I used to make 100 cold calls a day…and it worked…but it was mind numbing, and I had to play all these mind games to get myself to do it consistently.

When I set up my first system that would work without me…it was a truly freeing experience.

You’ll see. I’ll walk you through it step by step in your ebook
at http://www.newinformationletter.com/more2.htm

5. Stop settling for advertising that “pays for itself” and only do advertising that MULTIPLIES itself.

Have you ever heard someone say that if I just do one transaction it will more than pay for itself when they’re talking about some fancy marketing scheme they’re going to try?

Maybe you’ve said it yourself.

Stop thinking like that…and start focusing on learning how to create advertising that multiplies itself instead of paying for itself.

I’ll show you how to get multiples of a minimum of 5x what you spend on advertising.

How much more money would you be willing to spend on advertising if you KNEW that you would get $5 back for every $1 you spend.

Not hope but confidence.

When you focus on implementing low cost lead generation strategies focused on a single target market, it’s not uncommon to get returns of 30 or 50 to 1 on every dollar you spend on them.

I want you to take the mindset that you’re in the Money Multiplication business, and it just so happens that the vehicle you’ve chosen to multiply money is your real estate business.

and that’s a completely different mindset for a lot of people.

I’m hoping that you’re interested in approaching your real estate business as a business and not just a job.

It’s this Business-like mindset that will free you up to make real money.

When you commit to treating real estate as a BUSINESS…you can get your ego out of the way and concentrate on…

6. Decide to focus on getting RICH not famous.

I don’t want you to get trapped in this mindset that prevails in real estate where you’ve got to get your name out there…and essentially get famous.

Getting rich isn’t about getting YOUR name out there…it’s about getting your prospects name in here.

it’s a lot less expensive to get RICH than it is to get famous…so I’m here to help you focus on getting rich…and then if you still want to …you can spend your money on getting famous.

One of the best long-term decisions you can make is to concentrate on building a business that can some day work without you.

In your ebook, you’re going to read a comparison of two big Las Vegas businesses.

One is siegfried and Roy and the other is the Blue Man Group.

I wrote this comparison just a couple of months before Roy got mauled by a tiger, and we all know what happened next. One of the longest running, most successful shows in Vegas was forced to shut down…over a hundred people lost their jobs because the entire show was built around Siegfried and Roy…and without them, the show could not go on.

Meanwhile, the guys who invented the Blue Man Group have concentrated on building a business staffed with over 30 Blue Men who work in concurrent shows all over the country.

If You build your business around YOU…your Image…your personality…it’s ultimately going to become a trap that you’ll have a hard time stepping away from or expanding…because people will come to expect to work with YOU.

When you build your business around SYSTEMS that find buyers and sellers in one niche market at a time…you can easily slot other people…buyers agents, listing agents into that system while you’re simply orchestrating the business behind the scenes.

I’ll show you exactly how to design a business so it doesn’t depend on you.

Ok Idea #7

7. Get on the Web with a Money Making Website

The internet is a marketing gold mine.

One of the things I can do to help you grow a business that doesn’t depend on you is help you create a MOney Making Website.

In fact that’s the name of one of my companies

We have created a lead generating Money machine that you can plug in to YOUR market.

We have hundreds of people across the US and Canada that are using money making websites to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year getting multiples of 10x their investment on advertising.

We only work with ONE person per geographic market, and we work just like you do.

We only get paid when you make money.

We set up your site, set you up on the search engines and show you exactly how to get all the visitors you’ll need coming to your site, and we have a complete one on one training program to get you making money as quickly as possible.

The record is 11 days between getting a money making website, and doing a transaction…but our goal is to get you making money in your first 60 days, and we’re totally committed to that.

Check us out at http://www.MoneyMakingWebsites.com and if your market is available… and you can spend $5 a day to get visitors to your site…you’ve got time to return calls to people who want to talk to you about helping them…and you can set aside a couple of hours 2 times a month to implement a follow up program we inclued with your website….I promise you a money making website will change your business.

8. Automate. Outsource. Delegate.

If you’re going to grow a business, you’ve got to start letting go of the things that could be done by someone else.

Your role in this growing business is to set up systems that can be run by other people.

Start by automating all the things you can by skillfully using tools like Free recorded messages, websites and autoresponders to do most of the heavy lifting in your lead generation.

Once you free yourself from generating leads…you have complete control over the amount of business you can generate, and the one thing that can hold you back is not having the capacity to handle all the business you’re generating.

a constant focus on creating a systematic way of handling your business and filling those roles with other people will literally give you unlimited potential in your business.

9. Get Your current Clients to lead you to your NEXT clients

Once you’ve figured out how to get as many clients as you want…the very best leverage opportunity you have in your business is the clients you’re working with.

Your goal should be to get half the people you do business with to refer someone to you before the end of their transaction.

Most of the time, people wait until the transaction is over to ask for referrals, and by that time it’s too late. They’re not in the same mind space they were in while they were going through the transaction.

While they’re looking for a home, or selling their home… they’re hyper aware of all the people around them who are going through, or considering the same thing, and if you Know how to skillfully orchestrate ways for your clients to recognize this and you have the language skills to capitalize on it, they’ll refer other people to you.

The very best person in the country at training real estate agents to build referral based businesses is Joe Stumpf and By Referral Only.

Each month somewhere in the country, we conduct a 3 Day Training called The Main Event. I’ve spoken at every main event for more than 10 years now, and I highly recomend working your schedule out to attend a Main Event some time in the next year.

When you download your free ebook…I’ll keep you posted on the schedule and I look forward to meeting you someday.

10. Focus on the lifetime value of your clients

One of the big mistakes most people make is to focus on building a transactional business where they focus on doing the NOW transactions, and don’t pay any attention to the EQUITY they have an opportunity to build…which is repeat and referral business.

Your relationship portfolio is your most valuable, virtually competition proof asset that you can nurture for a never ending return.

Don’t just focus on building a transactional business…focus on building a long term sustainable business built on loyal relationships.

I’ll show you lots of ways to do this.

Ok…that’s 10 ideas in 10 minutes, and those 10 ideas have the potential to make every dream, hope, desire and goal you have for your business come true.

I’m looking forward to a big “school year” for us, and we’re going to focus on some killer marketing strategies I’ve been working on over the summer, including a dynamite new listing system at GettingListings.com